Divorce and Family Law

The breakdown of a marital relationship can be an unbelievably difficult and emotional process. It can be a miserable experience. We are dedicated to reducing your stress and minimizing your misery. When possible, we will help you problem solve with a diplomatic and low-key approach. However, if your spouse is combative, rest assured that we are be prepared to take the action necessary so that you and your children are protected physically, emotionally, and financially.



A divorce can affect many areas of your life. It is important to have an experienced family law attorney guiding you through the process. In analyzing your case and in diagnosing your issues, we will focus on five major criteria. The five criteria that most individuals confront regarding a divorce are:

Your Children are the most important thing in a divorce

We can help with:

  • Custody issues
  • Visitation issues
  • Child support issues
Property settlement issues

How do you fairly and equitably divide marital assets and debts such as real estate, retirement accounts, household personal property, cars, credit card debt, etc.?


Are you or your spouse a candidate for alimony or maintenance?

Attorneys fees and related costs

Who pays for the legal fees and costs connected to your divorce? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

Interim issues

(From the moment the divorce begins, until it ends ...
how do your and your spouse conduct yourselves in the interim, while the case is pending?
What are the rules of the road while your divorce case is pending?
Who gets to live in the house while your divorce is pending?
Who makes the house payment while your divorce case is pending?
Who's going to have custody of the children while your divorce case is pending?)
Is there a history of domestic violence? Do you need an Order of Protection so that you may be protected from your spouse at the beginning of your divorce proceedings?
Is there a pending Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) investigation?


Most of our clients are interested in early dispute resolution, conflict avoidance, and cost-effectiveness. Rest assured, that we  are sensitive to these issues and your objectives and desires.

Uncontested divorce,

is becoming a more and more common alternative to the emotionally charged divorce that means high legal fees and lengthy court battles. An uncontested divorce is an excellent way to keep your lawyers' fees down. It does mean a little more work and effort on your part.

Divorce Mediation

Divorcing couples can choose to mediate all of the issues that surround a divorce, including:

  • Financial issues
  • Visitation and custody issues
  • Division of the marital estate, including your home and any outstanding debt
  • Division of pension benefits
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child support issues including educational plans for the children

If you are willing to sit down face-to-face with your spouse, mediation is a lower-cost opportunity to create your own settlement within the limits of the law. Te Crosby Law Firm can help.

Why Is Mediation Lower in Cost?

Mediation means that you are paying only one attorney-mediator to help you work through your divorce and create a final, legal document. It also means you avoid court action, which generally involves two attorneys and can mean delays. Mediation generally means a more amicable workout of co-parenting time, as well. Our attorneys have helped divorcing couples through mediation, and are fully knowledgeable about the family court rules and governing laws of Kansas. You and your spouse should interview prospective mediators together, and our first consultation is free.

You will be discussing some of the most intimate details of your family, so, as a couple, you need to choose a mediator you are comfortable talking with.


We live in a mobile world, especially with the military and faculty at Kansas State. There are a lot of blended families who had their divorces in other counties or states and now need help with support and custody issues, as well as modifications to those.

If you are in need of a stepchild adoption we can assist you with that as well. If you recieve or want to recieve child support, the state of Kansas has developed guidelines. These guidelines are a good starting point, but a case can be made for deviations from these guidelines and a good lawyer can help make sure that your children are provided for fairly.


As your children grow, as your career changes, and as you meet someone new, you may need to make some post divorce decree modifications. Even within the first year of divorce, you may find yourself in need of modifications. Even if we did not handle your original divorce decree, we can help you modify it to make it legal and enforceable. With paternity cases a child custody attorney can make a big difference if you want support for your child, or you want to establish parentage and visitation with your child.


Help for mothers: If you would like to enforce your rights as your baby's mother, you can file for paternity so you start to receive financial support that is enforceable by law. This will typically mean the father will get visitation rights and may want joint custody as well. All of this is difficult to handle when you've got a new baby at home. Let our Attorneys help. And if you don't want the father to be part of your child's life we can provide legal assistance with termination of parental rights as well.

                Help for fathers: Paternity is more than a DNA test. A paternity suit asserts your rights as a father, letting your former significant other know that you are ready to take on the responsibilities and privileges of being your child's father — financially and time wise as well. That means you are obligated to child support financially, but allowed child custody as well. If you are not listed on your child's birth certificate as the baby's father, you will need to make it legal by filing for paternity.

                We devote a significant amount of it's law practice to divorce and other family law matters. When representing you in connection with this matter please remember that our legal fees may be paid through a payment plan, and for your convenience we also accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card.


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